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Depending on whether you’re looking to contribute something shortish, longish or looking for a long-term collaboration with Gloss!, skip to I , II or III.  Please note that if we plan to publish your article, we will notify you within 2 months and unless otherwise specified, we will publish it within 2 months of confirming with you.


  1. If you want to share something shortish, please consider posting to our Facebook if it's fun/random. If it's of a more informative nature, please email along with your name, age and city with "Shortish" in the subject line. We are especially interested in News items and announcements from your home city (eg: cool hangouts, inter-school/college competition, an upcoming performance by a friend)and original or found videos, text, photos, etc.  Make sure you include any sources/link along with your caption (eg.: link to the funny youtube video you’re talking about).
  2. If you want to submit something longish for our “From our Readers” section (see: Authors), e-mail it to  The submission format is as follows:
  • Send your article as a single Word (.doc) attachment.
  • If including any photos/videos, they should be included inside the attachment. If not original, the exact sources for each should be properly mentioned: eg: (Note: “Google” is not a source)
  • In the attachment itself  please include your:  (1)Name (2) Address (3) Phone Number (4)E-mail id  (5) a within-50 words Bio and links to your blog, Twitter, etc (if you have any)
  •  The subject line of your should be in the format “FOR: [Town/Cityname] , [Your ArticleTitle]”        *(FOR stands for “From Our Readers”, by the way J )

eg. : “FOR: Patna, Winter College Trends 2012 in Patna” or “FOR: Bangalore: Best New Cafe Ever”

  • We prefer articles to be readable and not more 500 words. We currently do not accept short fiction or poetry, although we hope to, in the coming months.
  1. If you’re looking for a long-term internship/collaboration as a That’s So Gloss! author or Editor, please email  with 3 previous published/unpublished writing/editing samples, your Resume (including contact details) and a within 200 words cover-letter stating why you’re interested and any specific areas of interest/expertise. The subject line should read “Gloss Careers”.  We will revert to you at the earliest. If you are looking for a different profile- marketing/tech/designing, etc. please mention so in the cover letter. In this case, you need not submit writing samples, but instead, may send in links to your previous work, if it should so exist.


Thanks for your patience in going through these guidelines. We look forward to seeing your lovely contributions up on our site!