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Jan 07

Sassy birds are the new grumpy cats

This time, last year, grumpy cats were the darlings of the internet. But that’s like so 2013.

If this popular new tumblr is anything to go by, it appears sassy birds are all the rage now.




The tumblr, Sassy Birds, features gifs which range from owls and parrots to eagles and flamingos, each cheekier than the next. And unlike the homogenous grumpy cat, these birds have distinct personalities and names as diverse as Gertrude and Juanita.

We feel you, sassy birds!

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Jan 05

How the Media failed women in 2013

The Representation Project, formerly Miss Representation, is a non-profit dedicated to fighting gender stereotyping in film, TV, and advertising. Last month, they came up with this video “How The Media Failed Women In 2013” that has since gone viral.

The video takes stock of the triumphs and cringe-worthy moments for women in and through media in the last year, and makes for an uncomfortable though necessary watch.  Certainly things to keep in mind as individuals and organizations as we go onward.

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Jan 04

Things you must do in 2014 that will take India to Superpowerdom


Our friends over at Storypick have compiled a satirical list of 34 things every Indian can do in 2014 to make India a superpower.

While we can’t claim to endorse every one of these points, collectively, they’re pretty legit and funny.  So next time you endorse women being disrespected, or decide it’s too inconvenient to vote or turn the lights off or treat the roads as your garbage bin/urinal or give in to your parents demands to pursue xyz career, remember, you’re getting this nation just a step closer to world domination.

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Feb 18

Which Shoe Are You?

Quizzes have gotten way out of fashion – so take this simple shoe-o-meter to better understand your own personality and figure out how you can be more…. ‘gloss’! All you have to do is pick which shoe you like the best out of the following…


Colorful flip-flops

Black pumps

Gold peep-toed stilettos

Brown sandals


You picked… Black pumps. You are a perfectionist.


Who you are: Things need to go according to plan, otherwise you might be risking a freak-out. Your desk is probably the most organized thing anyone has seen, and you rarely miss a detail or deadline.


Your go-to-accessory: the silver bracelet – a simple one, maybe with a carved pattern


How to be ‘Gloss’: It’s great that you’re a reliable woman, and it seems that people would trust you with their important work. But you need to be asking yourself if you are going overboard sometimes. Do things always need to be perfect? While your attitude certainly gets the job done, it might be time to delegate – so sit back, relax a while, and flaunt those pumps.



You picked… Gold peep-toes. You are edgy and daring.


Who you are: Fun and fierce are the two main words that come to mind while describing you. You’re never afraid of a challenge, and you survive on the thrill of achieving the impossible. Your ‘party-always’ motto in life makes you the life of any social gathering.


Your go-to-accessory: Fishnets stockings or metallic tights – perfect for a night on the town.


How to be ‘Gloss’: Though your daring outlook of life can garner a lot of respect from your peers, it might be wise to step back and look at whether your ‘risky’ decisions are always the right ones. Have you gone a little too far with a joke? Made someone uncomfortable with your outward personality? Maybe not, but it does merit a closer look. No doubt your fearlessness will get you far in life, but make sure your stilettos aren’t trampling a few too many hearts along the way.


You picked… Colorful Flip-flops. You are the happy tree-hugger.


Who you are: You’re that person who spends her time and the beach, reading poetry and playing your guitar. There’s a good chance that you’ll be the one telling your friends to chill out, and enjoy life. You just can’t understand people who won’t take time to smell the roses. You’ll be the fun one, always ready to go on an adventure.


Your go-to accessory: A big beach tote in many colours, and a comfortable tee shirt and shorts.


How to be ‘Gloss’: You may get complaints that you’re flighty and not always there. Maybe you could solve this by paying attention to what people are saying. I know, they talk about silly things, and I know you couldn’t really care less who’s seeing whom, but pay attention, don’t scoff at them, and I’ll guarantee you, you’d have won their hearts forever.


You picked…. Brown Sandals. You’re the girl next door.

Who you are: If I may hazard a guess, you’re the girl people came to with problems. You were the comforter when friends broke up, and you’ve got gratitude coming from all directions when you give people your notes in class. You took home lost puppies, and birds with broken wings and nursed them back to health. Chances are, you were class monitor, good little church girl, and when the teacher said, look you should be like, it was invariably followed by your name.


Your go to accessory: A nice little hairclip to put up your bangs, and some clear gloss for your lips – they’ll go perfectly with that big smile!


How to be ‘Gloss’: Don’t undersell yourself! You may be inclined to believe that you’re not special and people don’t need you. IT’S NOT TRUE. You’re special and lovely, and deserve the best! Don’t put up with that guy who friendzoned you, or the friend who only talks to you to ask you what the exam portions are. Grow a spine, and I can ensure you complete happiness!


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Feb 12

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Typically, Valentine’s Day, unlike a birthday, is  a joint effort- both of you should have fun planning what you want to do, together, and also see if you can incorporate an element of surprise like a present.

Since it falls on a weekday this year, you may plan something simple (a sweet conversation, long walk, cards/flowers etc) to acknowledge the day, and celebrate more elaborately at a convenient time.

Romantic dates out or in, or a shared experience are all amazing ways to celebrate your relationship:


  • A park date or a picnic: Picnics are totally underrated. Be sure to pick a scenic place- a park or mountaintop where you can watch aiplanes take off maybe?-with good weather, carry a mat, your favourite food and drink, a game, guitar, or some poems if you wish, or just sit back and talk. Decorations like balloons, flowers, and bubble-blowers would only add to the ambiance.

  • A candlelight dinner: 
Cliche or classic, this is an ever popular choice. Pick an old favourite restaurant or one neither of you has tried. Make reservations in advance. Sometimes being in a formal, beautiful environment can be quite romantic. Pick some place with live music, or a cuisine neither one of you has tried before!
A meal  prepared by one or both of you:
Cooking for a lover can be an intimate experience. How about a homemade meal, by candle-light and flowers, with your favourite band in the background? Google your favourite recipies and be sure to buy the ingredients beforehand.
  • A Long Drive
Down your favourite part of  town! Most people prefer to have this as a part of a date, though it works if it’s a weekday, and you don’t have much time to spare.
  • Attend a live performance
Like a play, a musical, a concert or  a gig at your favourite night club.

  • Sightseeing 

Sometimes, when we stay in a place for too long, we lose sight of its beauty and the possibilities it has to offer. Be tourists all over again. Rediscover a new part of the city, visit a place you’ve never been to or check out an art exhibition.

  • Amusement Park

Not only are you guaranteed to have FUN, research shows that an adrenalin rush increases mutual attraction. ‘Nuff Said.

  • A “shared experience”

Sign up for a salsa class, an adventure sport, wine-tasting or  psychic reading. Something totally out of the blue or that you’ve always wanted to try together.  For best results, try something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. A new and shared experience will help you rediscover things in each other you may not have known, or have forgotten, especially if you’ve been dating a while!
  • A laid-back night at home 

We all need a break sometimes, but who says staying home needs to be boring? Order in, watch movies or play a board game (Twister?;) and cuddle!

  • A Beach Date

Whether you’re planning on a day date, or an evening date, the beach is a wonderful idea. A seaside picnic is something you might want to consider. A walk by the sea by sunset or starlight can be super romantic. Plan ahead if you want to take a dip in the water, but even if it happens spontaneously,  make sure you stay safe.


  • We know we said 10 ideas, this one’s for good luck!

Get Nostalgic!

Especially convenient if you’re doing the whole laid back evening at home thing, and if you’ve been dating a while . Pull out your old photos, letters, etc and reminisce about how far you’ve come and what a great love story you make. If you want, you can even make a scrapbook  (or two! )of the same.

Regardless of what your plans, have fun getting dolled up for the occasion and make sure to surprise your date with a present - who doesn’t like one?

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What are you planning to do this V-day? Comment below! Share!


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Feb 10

Happy Teddy Day!

After Rose Day and Chocolate Day, Teddy Day is the latest mushy run-up to Valentine’s Day to be trending on Twitter!


Teddy Day is celebrated on February 10 in honour of teddy bears.  A relatively late creation, the teddy bear was invented in Germany the 20th century in honor of the US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

The toy grew immediately popular, and is often gifted to both children and adults to signify love, congratulations or sympathy.

It’s so popular, in fact, that research shows that 25% of adult men take a stuffed toy, most often a  teddy bear, with them on business trips!

Aur tu? Do you have, or have you had, a stuffed toy you love? Is it a teddy bear?


Comment below , Like and Share!

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Feb 06

10 Signs to know you’re Jinxed in College

Just when you think that your life cannot get worse, it does. I happen to notice a pattern in everything that troubles us and BINGO here are 10 findings:

  1. All the important tests always happen on the same day and not only that, that day would be after one of your most hectic day of the week.
  2. You always land up with the strictest teacher in a subject you know you won’t perform well in.
  3. The guy you do not share a cordial understanding with will always have teachers who throw marks.
  4.  It is only in the morning while brushing that you realize you have an assignment due that day and no free hours to your credit.
  5. The day you miss breakfast, hours drag on till 12 ’o’ clock and the mess would serve something you never liked .
  6. You will suddenly land up with loads of work just when you retire to watch your favourite TV show.
  7. The queue at any Xerox shop is inversely proportional to days left for the exams.
  8. The day you enter late in class the professor’s temper would be at its peak.
  9. You always end up messing up that exam whose teacher is your favourite.
  10. The report card always arrives on the day when your parents had planned for an outing or a movie. What happens to those plans…well I needn’t elaborate on that!

All those suffering from the above fates, well I am sorry to say that there is no hope. Our luck runs out just when we need it the most!

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