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Jan 07

Top 5 New Year Resolutions (for girls)


It’s that time of the year again when it’s safest to prod people into doing something that’d be good for them, because of the fact that everyone is in this weird zealous mood where they are willing to take up stuff in the name of ‘resolutions’ for the year.  Not that I’m using the same technique, because I know readers here are selective, super-smart and would know what I’m mentioning is actually a wonderful list of suggestions. Here you go girls!

Resolve to:

1. Know yourself and be confident. Never let those snobbish people get to you, ever. The best way to seem ‘out-of-bounds’ is to be confident of yourself and that’d be when you’ve spent some time thinking about yourself, the good and the bad. Just being who you are, not being intimidated or worried about how everyone sees you will make you feel ‘free’. Simply add a beautiful smile and see how the world lights up!

2. Love yourself. Don’t they say the world sees you the way you show them? I’m not asking you to go overboard and start sporting tees that say things like, “I’m awesome!” but just don’t get swayed by the (atrocious) way girls and women are portrayed on TV or in print. We honestly don’t have to spend our wonderful brains worrying over our looks, do we? Stay the way how you want to, those airbrushed faces have no role to play.

3. Read more books. There’s not a thing better in the world than reading, trust me. Alright, I’m being partial here, I love books more than anyone thing, but still. You’d have to agree it definitely adds up to your knowledge and imagination. And of course, being a nerdy is the new cool (okay, that’s just me talking). So go ahead, make a list of books you’d read this year, there are some great releases scheduled!

4.       Learn to be safe. Considering the increasing number of crimes against women in our country, it’s just an important safety measure to know simple ways and tricks to stay safe and out of harm’s way. It’s not a bad idea to read up those safety columns in newspapers. Or if you’re adventurous enough, learn martial arts! Maybe you can carry some strong pepper spray as well, unless you’re the clumsy kind like me and risk getting it into your own eyes than the attacker’s!

5.       Live the life. We all have at least some items in our bucket-list, don’t we? Maybe a makeover, just like you wanted, or making a confession to someone, or going paragliding and scuba diving! As much as we love to procrastinate, it’s always better to get up and start working towards it. After all, Dumbledore said (and he says the best things ever), “It does not do to dwell upon dreams and forget to live”.

I’m sure you bright people would have realized that these are as much as life’s resolutions as the New Year ones. Here’s to a wonderful New Year and a great life ahead!

PS- I actually want to know about some good, solid resolutions from you! Comment and share! 

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