Founder: Sharanya Haridas Sharanya  Haridas is the Founder, C.E.O  and Editor-In-Chief of That’s So Gloss! She is a ‘13 Economics undergrad at IIT Madras. In her free time, Sharanya loves reading, writing poetry (she’s currently working on a second collection), getting filter coffee , street-shopping, watching reruns of Sex and the City and spending time with her favourite people. She has a keen interest in literature, media, gender and development issues, independent culture and innovation.  Keep up with her shenanigans at @haridassharanya or subscribe to her Facebook updates at sharanya0211


Managing Editor: Kavya Srinivasan




Kavya Srinivasan is an optimistic, enthusiastic, and adjective-loving dreamer in her third year of an integrated Masters in Development Studies at IIT Madras. She’s a shower soprano, drama queen, and trivia freak, and she spends her time smelling second-hand books, and buying hair clips she’ll never use. She’s passionate about books, theatre, and music of all kinds, and wishes she knew the first thing about sport or business.



Social Media Manager: Greeshma Rai



A brokeass Law student and self-proclaimed jinx, Greeshma Rai spends her time threatening  people who ask her if she’s related to Aishwarya Rai with dire consequences. She spent a chunk of the past couple of years, while she was expected to study hard and make her parents proud, working for Make A Difference (M.A.D) while managing to scrape through* four years of law school. (*by this she means being a college Topper. Second, SECOND topper, she insists, but nerd is a nerd, we say.) From sport and dance to Moots and MUNs, she’s done it all. She’s the typical loud and emotional (and stunning, we must add) Indian woman Bollywood movies are inspired by. Put in a little bit of melodrama/hyperactivity and there, you’ve figured her out just right. Keep up with her at @GreeshmaRai





Social Media Manager: Faliha Zikra  


Faliha Zikra’s passport says she is Faliha Zikra but she does respond to Faliha, Fali, Phuggs and "hey you fat girl there" (*which is puzzling because she’s far from fat). She’s a 100 % Saudi Arabian product, currently doing her Engineering in Biotechnology in India. Since (she claims) that is not going well , she prefers spending her time making Youtube videos at , sleeping and counting the number of hours before she graduates. She loves being a Toastmaster, travelling, trying out new cuisines and of course gossiping with her girlfriends.





Social Media Manager: Amrutha Kuber




Amrutha Kuber is a hopeless romantic, dreamer, rebel, and girly in her own way. And yes, she loves to write too! She is presently trying to figure out her higher calling and is failing miserably at it. Currently in her 2nd year of M.A. Communication in a city college, she also works part time with Iloveread . She has been the editor of her department journal in, won a Best Article Award, a Best Internship award (for interning with Iloveread) and has won a Best Innovative B-Plan prize in her college. She loves sleeping, reading, and being lazy.



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